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Hitech Community

Hi Tech Community

Hi-tech Community is an innovation-based network, which works for the progress of society with the assistance of the Real Human Welfare Foundation with solidarity. On which is a huge network supervisory group, to associate people in general with the association by making a legitimate individual from Real Human Welfare Foundation, and to keep up relationship for lifetime, so the legal member knows from everything and get advantages of it appropriately.

The reason for our locale supervisory crew is to encourage every part based on equity. The hi tech network's exertion is simply to give consciousness of the full data of the venture created by Real Human Welfare foundation and to completely encourage their lawful enlisted individuals so they can spend their lives in harmony.

This depends on the standard of correspondence, and in such a cooperative and participatory way the members are shielded from budgetary effect under the setup rules and guidelines. Behind the development of the network to be an underwriter of one another and deal with one another.

Since the idea of asseverate or monitor is definitely not an emerging concept or a novel idea, among all admirers this idea is satisfactory and trustworthy, to ration depends on common guide, backing, and bolster, our religion likewise determines and regulates the equivalency.

“Do good and righteous deeds together”

Consequently, we are briefing this concept, the motivation behind the network is to guidance among themselves, assist each other in troublesome conditions and to work in a positive manner as fellowmen do it to one another.

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