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Say No to unemployment

Unemployment is a considerable life situation or event. It can have a disastrous impact on a person’s lives. It disturbs not just the unemployed people but also their families and the broad community. The impact of unemployment can be incurable. As unemployment becomes more longstanding, its impact becomes more far-reaching, often stirring living standards in an evacuation. The loss of earning by the parents can damage the anticipation of the next generation. Quite apart from the particular impact, unemployment is a casualty of valuable productive resources to the economy. The impact of job and employment loss in rural and regional areas discharge through the local community damaging businesses as the family amount is reduced. A further loss to local communities may result from people remaining in search of work.

The financial, budgetary, and economic effects of unemployment are profound.

Financial impact

The economic and commercial loss to the personal and the family cannot be exaggerated. The Treasury considered that in the short-term, unemployment undoubtedly reduces people’s income and, in the long-term, reduces their competence to save for retirement and other goals or aims. This is because employers, as well as employee allowance contributions, are lost and the ability to save from disposable income is lowered.

Impact on budget

Treasury advised that unemployment costs the Federal Budget through:

  • Lowering current and future tax receipts, including those on superannuation and investments.
  • A larger number of people collecting age pensions, including higher amounts for those who retire early and run down superannuation.
  • Larger spending on physical and mental health, education and other social services.

Physiological impact

The Social Welfare Commission summarized the impact of unemployment on mature-age people.

The emotional and mental and social costs of shortage and prolonged unemployment during the productive years of life impact harshly on the quality of life of affected individuals and families. Experiences of low self-esteem and loss of self-identity impact on physical and mental health and can extend to broader consequences of social isolation and the loss of social networks and support. The impact of redundancy causes family disruption and breakdown. At the very least it reduces people’s sense of membership and contribution to the life of the community.

Get Rid to Unemployment

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